4 Ways to Leverage Kotest Specs for More Robust Testing

When it comes to testing in Kotlin, we often default to jUnit as the go-to framework.

However, there’s an alternative that offers a variety of powerful features – Kotest.

Kotest provides a variety of spec styles, each with its unique capabilities, that make writing tests a breeze.

Are unit tests worth it?

In the realm of software, unit tests are like unsung heroes. They quietly play a crucial role, ensuring that each part of the code, or each “atomic unit,” behaves as it should.  Let’s dive a bit deeper into this concept, keeping things simple and relatable. Imagine we’re talking about a car. Unit Tests: Checking the Basics […]

Unit testing on Android – test pyramide

Are you programming for Android and wondering how to write tests for your app? Or maybe you don’t have any tests in your project and don’t know how to live? Get to know my philosophy of creating tests for Android.