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AndroidPro is an online community dedicated to helping Android developer make the most out of their career.

Our mission is to provide a platform for professional Android devs to connect, learn, and share industry insights about the mobile development ecosystem.

You’ll find tutorials, workshops, courses and more – all designed to help you grow as an Android developer.

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Jarosław Michalik

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Kotlin with a passion for elevating the Android development community.

Working professionally as an Android dev since 2016, he dedicated himself to helping clients establish robust development processes, ensuring their projects not only launch but thrive in the competitive app market.


ebooks, courses, masterclasses

private Discord channel

Engage with dev community in real-time.

Mastermind sessions

2x a month we organize live mastermind for community members

Coroutines Testing Masterclass

Master testing Kotlin coroutines on Android with MockK and Kotest.

2h coding workshop with examples on Kotlin Flow, StateFlow in MVVM.

ChatGPT prompts collection

Boost you developer productivity. Over 40 prompts split into categories:
👤 Personal coding assistant
🎓 Act as a coding teacher
🚧 Act as a [manager]
📝 Act as a tech writer
🤔 Act as a sceptical tester
🤖 Act as an automation specialist
💡 Generating data and ideas

Intro to UI Testing with Maestro

Ever felt like writing Espresso tests is a Sisyphean labour?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dive into Maestro framework, making automated UI testing on mobile great again!

Analytics 101 for Android devs

Crash course for Android developers that not only teaches you how to plug in analytics SDK, but also:

👉 what to track
👉 how to structure events
👉 how to understand funnels
👉 how to monitor application performance (as a team or a solo dev)

This crash course will be useful both for devs working in teams and as a solo indie devs.

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jarek at jarek@androidpro.io