Intro to UI testing with Maestro

Ever felt like writing Espresso tests is a Sisyphean labour?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dive into Maestro framework, making automated UI testing on mobile great again!

24 October 2023, 19:00 CET


Test pyramid and importance of UI testing

  • We will show:
    • The test pyramid, its layers, and why it’s a crucial representation in software testing.
    • The relative costs, speed, and reliability of tests at different layers of the pyramid.
    • The placement of UI tests on the pyramid and their role in ensuring product quality.
  • You will learn:
    • Why the test pyramid is a fundamental model for any tester or developer.
    • The significance of UI testing and when and why to prioritize it.
    • How UI testing complements other testing layers in achieving robust software quality.

Overview of E2E & integration testing frameworks

  • We will show:
    • Definitions and differences between E2E (End-to-End) and integration testing.
    • Popular frameworks used for E2E and integration testing, and their features.
    • Why Maestro stands out among other frameworks in certain scenarios.
  • You will learn:
    • The importance and applications of both E2E and integration testing.
    • How to choose an appropriate framework based on your project needs.
    • The role of Maestro within the broader testing ecosystem.

Live demo – writing Maestro flow for Android app

  • We will show:
    • How to set up a testing environment using Maestro.
    • The step-by-step process of writing a UI test flow with Maestro for a sample Android app.
    • Real-time results of the test, highlighting the strengths of Maestro.
  • You will learn:
    • How to get started with Maestro for UI testing.
    • Practical skills and best practices for scripting test flows using Maestro.
    • The real-world benefits and applications of Maestro for mobile app testing.

Limitations of Maestro in mobile UI testing

  • We will show:
    • Areas where Maestro might not be the optimal solution for UI testing.
    • Challenges one might face while using Maestro for complex app scenarios.
    • Comparisons with other tools to illustrate certain limitations.
  • You will learn:
    • To set realistic expectations and understand the boundaries of Maestro as a testing tool.
    • How to work around certain limitations or when to opt for alternative tools.
    • Strategies for integrating Maestro with other testing tools to achieve comprehensive test coverage.

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Intro to UI testing with Maestro

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