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πŸ‘‰ Comprehensive coverage of a wide range of Android development topics.
πŸ‘‰ In-depth explanations and insights, coupled with practical examples to tackle those tricky interview questions head-on.
πŸ‘‰ Ideas for portfolio projects and real-life examples of interview apps, giving you a leg-up in showcasing your skills.
πŸ‘‰ Additional bonuses and materials including those mind-bending open-ended questions that can make or break an interview.
πŸ‘‰ Instant and unlimited access to the guide including all future updates Ready to ace your Android developer interview?

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Android Pro Community

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~21€ /Β month with annual plan

What you receive joining Android Pro community?

🌐 access to network of Android dev professionals across the world
🚧 dedicated channel to discuss your projects
🧠 monthly live mastermind
🎁 Solid in Java crash (course)
🎁 Intro to Kotlin unit testing in jUnit5 (course)
🎁 ChatGPT for developers (ebook)
🎁 Testing Masterclass with Kotest & MockK (workshop recording)

30 days no-questions-asked guarantee

The Android Architect

The Android Architect β€“ program that will teach you step-by-step how to face issues and craft software that is:

πŸ‘‰Well-built and documented

πŸ‘‰Of the highest quality possible

πŸ‘‰ Easy to change, easy to scale

βœ… 6 weeks program led by Kotlin GDE, JarosΕ‚aw Michalik
βœ… 12 months access to all modules and supporting materials
βœ… Free program updates for 1 year
βœ… Mentor + peer homework review
βœ… Final project + professional certificate


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Coroutines Testing MasterclassΒ 

πŸ‘‰Instant unlimited access to masterclass recording

πŸ‘‰Instant access to repository and supporting materials

πŸ‘‰You’ll be first to know about upcoming workshops and masterclasses

What to expect?
βœ… Writing unit tests for Coroutines with jUnit
βœ… Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
βœ… Introduction to Kotest and MockK & their libraries
βœ… Testing Coroutines with Kotest and MockK
βœ… How to use Kotest and MockK for Coroutine testing
βœ… Tips for effective testing
βœ… Testing StateFlow for Android
βœ… How to structure tests in ViewModel
βœ… ViewRobot pattern
βœ… Tips for writing unit tests on Android
… and more


ChatGPT prompts collection

Boost you developer productivity.

Over 40 prompts split into categories:
πŸ‘€ Personal coding assistant
πŸŽ“ Act as a coding teacher
🚧 Act as a [manager]
πŸ“ Act as a tech writer
πŸ€” Act as a sceptical tester
πŸ€– Act as an automation specialist
πŸ’‘ Generating data and ideas

Carefully curated collection of prompts, that you will actually use.


Intro to jUnit5 (Kotlin)

Practical course introducing jUnit5 for Kotlin developers.

Do you know that Android Studio generates sample tests with an archaic framework?

A sample test in a new project – ExampleUnitTest.kt – uses the import annotation of the test method from jUnit4.
The problem is that jUnit in version 4.x is no longer actively developed. It only gets the necessary security fixes.

For comparison – the new version of the same framework, that is, jUnit5 has been with us since 2017.

5 years in software dev is an astronomical amount of time. You can still find entries on the internet exclusively for the archaic version.

It’s time to put an end to it!
Here is a… mini-course introducing to jUnit5 in Kotlin, which will allow you to quickly jump into the new version of the testing framework.