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learn how to effectively write unit tests in Kotlin

Jarosław Michalik

About the instructor

Google Developer Expert in Kotlin, conference speaker & educator.


Writing Unit Tests for Coroutines

  • Introduction to unit testing
  • Writing unit tests for Coroutines with jUnit
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Introduction to Kotest and MockK

  • An introduction to Kotest and MockK libraries
  • Setup and configuration
  • Basic examples

Testing Coroutines with Kotest and MockK

  • How to use Kotest and MockK for Coroutine testing
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Tips for effective testing

Testing StateFlow for Android

  • How to structure tests in ViewModel
  • ViewRobot pattern
  • Tips for writing unit tests on Android

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Students Testimonials

“Code examples helped me understand mocking mechanisms. Jaroslaw explained every step toroughly.”

Chris P.
Android Developer

“In short period of time, the class taught straight forward way to test Kotlin code.

Dhaval S.
Android Developer

Your best workshop about testing so far. Thank you!”

Ewa R,
Android Developer

Take your unit testing skills to the next level.