#kotlinDevChallenge 2023 summary

The KotlinDevChallenge was not just a competition, but a journey of learning, growth, and community engagement. Every participant in this challenge is a winner in their own right. By choosing to participate, you’ve taken a significant step towards enhancing your skills, pushing your boundaries, and becoming Kotlin PRO. The greatest reward is not just the […]

Mohsen Rezania | Deep dive into Convention Plugins / AndroidPro meetups

This presentation is all about harnessing the power of convention plugins in multi-module Android projects and leveraging Detekt for enforcing code quality. Understanding Convention Plugins Benefits of Using Convention Plugins Sharing Build Logic Integrating Detekt Speaker: Mohsen Rezania – Passionate Android Engineer with more than 5 years of experience, dedicated to ensuring stability, enhancing user […]

4 Ways to Leverage Kotest Specs for More Robust Testing

When it comes to testing in Kotlin, we often default to jUnit as the go-to framework.

However, there’s an alternative that offers a variety of powerful features – Kotest.

Kotest provides a variety of spec styles, each with its unique capabilities, that make writing tests a breeze.

Are unit tests worth it?

In the realm of software, unit tests are like unsung heroes. They quietly play a crucial role, ensuring that each part of the code, or each “atomic unit,” behaves as it should.  Let’s dive a bit deeper into this concept, keeping things simple and relatable. Imagine we’re talking about a car. Unit Tests: Checking the Basics […]

StateFlow vs SharedFlow

What’s the difference between SharedFlow and StateFlow? That’s actually a very common interview question. And here’s how you can answer it: Both SharedFlow and StateFlow are hot streams, but they serve slightly different purposes. Let’s answer with practical examples to better understand their use cases. SharedFlow SharedFlow is like a broadcast channel. It can emit […]

Design patterns every Android developer should know.

👉 Learn essential design patterns for Android development, suitable for every level—from beginner to expert developers. 👉 Understand how to write cleaner and more maintainable code, so your applications aren’t just a tangle of hard-to-understand logic.👉 Get hands-on experience with real-world examples, where experts will demonstrate how to implement these design patterns in a live […]

How to refactor your code (without turning the project inside-out)

Are you stuck in a loop of having an old codebase that’s not testable, but not being able to refactor it because there’s no test coverage? This is a common challenge that many software development teams face, but there’s a way out. In this article, we’ll explore a 5-step process to break the cycle and improve […]