#kotlinDevChallenge – 16

Create a Kotlin function to determine whether two given strings are anagrams of each other, ignoring case and any non-alphabetic characters. An anagram uses all the original letters exactly once. Task Description:

#kotlinDevChallenge – 15

Understanding when a Kotlin sequence evaluates its elements is crucial to effectively using sequences in Kotlin, especially for performance optimization. When does a Kotlin sequence evaluate its elements? Mark all correct answers and submit form.

Mohsen Rezania | Deep dive into Convention Plugins / AndroidPro meetups

This presentation is all about harnessing the power of convention plugins in multi-module Android projects and leveraging Detekt for enforcing code quality. Understanding Convention Plugins Benefits of Using Convention Plugins Sharing Build Logic Integrating Detekt Speaker: Mohsen Rezania – Passionate Android Engineer with more than 5 years of experience, dedicated to ensuring stability, enhancing user […]

#kotlinDevChallenge – 14

Your task is to design a User class The email property should be implemented in such a way that each time it is modified (assigned a new unique value), the howManyTimesEmailEdited property increments. The initial setting of the email in the constructor should not count as a modification. ps. Again – there are few ways […]

#kotlinDevChallenge – 13

Implement a string compressor Write a function that takes a string and returns a compressed version, where consecutive duplicate characters are replaced with a single character followed by the number of repetitions. For example, “aabccc” becomes “a2bc3”.

#kotlinDevChallenge – 12

NetworkResponse class is given. Which of the following statements is true regarding this NetworkResponse class? Mark all correct answers and submit form.

#kotlinDevChallenge – 11

Write a Kotlin function to parse CSV data provided as a string, and return the data in a structured format. The CSV data will be provided as a single string, where each line represents a row and each value is separated by a comma. The function should parse this string and convert it into a […]

#kotlinDevChallenge – 10

Implement a function that sums the first 5 even numbers from each of three given integer Flows and returns their total sum. Properly handle empty Flows. If a Flow is empty or if all its elements are filtered out, it should contribute 0 to the final sum.

#kotlinDevChallenge – 9

Write a function that takes a list of lists of integers and returns a single list containing all unique elements. Ensure that the resulting list contains only unique elements. For example, given the input [[1, 2, 3], [3, 4, 5], [5, 6]], the function should return [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. Complete the code […]

#kotlinDevChallenge – 8

data class A is given. We create an instance of this class and then call the .copy() function. What will be printed out? Mark correct answer and submit form.