To the seasoned Android Devs who crave an active, international community and advanced resources to develop their skills, so they can confidently tackle new projects, stay on top of industry trends, and ultimately achieve full professional independence and recognition in the global Android community…

You’ve got an impressive experience as an Android dev, working in corporations and continuously seeking ways to stay up-to-date with industry trends. 

And you’re already taking initiative, actively trying to avoid common pitfalls in app development, and facing technical challenges head-on. 

But you’re not content with merely following the tutorial breadcrumbs. No, you’re forging your own path, striving to develop bona fide problem-solving skills.

So, when it comes to Android Pro Community…

Let’s just say, you aren’t merely a fit.

You’re the match we’ve been waiting for.

Problem is, you feel like a lone-wolf in the vast wilderness of the Android industry

You yearn for a community where you can share experiences, learn from others, and receive support during challenging times. So you can navigate the intricate labyrinth of app development with confidence and efficiency.

But the lack of a supportive, experienced community is standing in your way.

Here are 5 telltale signs that you need this Community more than you realize:


You’re stuck in the “tutorial hell,” where free online resources are your lifeline. But instead of developing your skills, you’re circling the same knowledge pool, feeling lost without a step-by-step guide to crafting your own apps.


You grapple with doubt, hesitating to ask for help, fearing the judgmental gaze of others questioning your competence.


You long to be part of an active global tribe of Android devs, yearning to share knowledge, exchange experiences and collaborate with like-minded coders. Yet, the lack of camaraderie and support leaves you feeling marooned on an island of isolation, sapping your motivation.


You hesitate to blaze your own trail, to create unique solutions or make independent decisions. This frustrating habit is not just stealing your time but also robbing you of the chance to grow as a self-reliant dev.


Deep within, you know you have the potential to conquer your goals and master Android. But the leap of faith, the trust in your skills, and the courage to step out of the tutorial comfort zone into the realm of independent problem-solving eludes you.

Remember: it’s not you

It’s the breakneck speed of the tech industry (like Google keeps churning out new libraries like they’re on a conveyor belt).

Without a supportive tribe and access to advanced resources, it’s easy to feel like you’re always playing catch-up.

That’s why this Community was created – to help developers like you dismantle these barriers and find your path in the Android wilderness.

If ANY of that’s true for you…

You don’t need to rely on endless tutorials or feel the pressure to figure it all out by yourself.

What you need is a supportive community and a structured learning path tailored for your level of experience.

So you can confidently solve complex problems and create your own applications. And ultimately, become a successful, self-reliant Android developer.


Android PRO Community

The place for experienced Android developers that want to take their skills to the next level, connect with a global community, and navigate the fast-paced tech industry with confidence and ease.

Who the heck am I to tell you this?

Hi there! Jarosław here.

I could spend time telling you about my tech background, how I’m trying to understand why people are so obsessed with the newest iPhone, or my personal life. But that’s not why we’re here, is it?

Instead, I want to highlight the significance of what you’ll discover on this website.
It’s a compilation of years of hard-won expertise and experience, all geared towards helping folks like you.

I’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to master Android and get a job you always wanted. The insights I share inside have been tried, tested, and are constantly being refined.

I strongly believe that “Alone you may go faster, but together you’ll get further.”

That’s why I’ve created the Android Pro Community.

When it comes to Android expertise, I’ve been recognized by none other than Google itself, as a Google Developer Expert in Kotlin. I’ve also shared insights at renowned conferences like Droidcons, DevFests, Mobilization or
plDroid and many more.

I know exactly what you need to achieve your goals in the Android universe. And that’s what you get with Android Pro Community.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned during my 8-year journey as a professional Android developer, navigating the same challenges you’re facing, feeling the same frustrations, and overcoming them… and turned it into this Community.

The Android PRO is unique because it combines advanced learning resources, a supportive community, and real-world problem-solving practice.

So you can stop feeling isolated and overwhelmed, stop relying on scattered online tutorials, and stop doubting your own skills.

And start confidently tackling complex problems, get your dream remote job with the world’s tech giants, and be a part of an active global community that supports your growth and celebrates your achievements.

With the Android PRO, you’ll not only sharpen your technical skills but also achieve the career independence and recognition you aspire to.

When you join Android Pro Community, you’ll get access to a global network of ambitious Android developers, a dedicated project discussion channel, insightful monthly live mastermind sessions and remote job alerts.

Global Network Access
Discover a world beyond your local tech bubble. With Android Pro, you’re not just expanding your network, but stepping onto a global stage. Exchange ideas, share experiences, or collaborate on projects with likeminded people from different cultures and backgrounds. This isn’t just about widening your professional network—it’s about being part of an international tech family that grows together.

Project Discussion Channel
Get unstuck and move forward with your projects. Dive into our dedicated channel to share challenges and receive constructive feedback from top tier Android developers. Imagine having a think tank at your fingertips, ready to help you overcome any roadblock. This is where we turn obstacles into learning opportunities.

Monthly Live Mastermind
Create a clear path for your professional growth with our monthly live mastermind sessions. These sessions are designed to keep you updated with the latest trends and tools in the Android development world. Additionally, these sessions serve as an opportunity to audit projects of community members, offering constructive feedback and guidance. It’s like having a personal tech update briefing and project review session, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Remote Job Alerts
Here’s the game-changer: our exclusive Remote Job Alerts place you first in line for the industry’s most coveted Android remote job, ensuring you’re always one step ahead. We’ll also help you perfect your CV, prepare a standout portfolio and set you up for interview success. So you can confidently secure your dream job in Google, Facebook or any other tech-giants and elevate your professional career like never before.

game-changing bonuses!

Solid in Java crash (course)

This isn’t just any course—it’s a deep dive into the world of Java programming. Whether you’re a novice looking to enhance your skills or an experienced developer wanting to solidify your foundation, this bonus course is your ticket to mastering core craftsmanship principles. It’s time to take your Android journey to the next level.

VALUE: 33€

Intro to Kotlin unit testing in jUnit5 (course)

Ready to ensure the quality of your code like never before? This bonus course introduces you to the world of unit testing in Kotlin using jUnit5. Start writing tests that make a difference and increase your con8dence in your code. Because quality matters.

VALUE: 15€

ChatGPT for developers (ebook)

Ever wondered how to leverage the power of AI in your apps? This bonus ebook is your answer. From acting as your personal coding assistant to taking on the role of a tech writer, sceptical tester, and even an automation specialist, ChatGPT does it all. Featuring over 40 prompts neatly categorized, this treasure trove is designed to skyrocket your productivity.

VALUE: 12€

Testing Masterclass with Kotest & MockK (workshop recording)

Take your testing skills to new heights with this bonus workshop recording. Learn the ins and outs of eFcient and effective testing with Kotest & MockK. This is where we turn testing into an art. Because every master was once a beginner.

VALUE: 59€

Intro to UI Testing with Maestro (workshop recording)

Intro to UI testing with Maestro
Ever felt like writing Espresso tests is a Sisyphean labour?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Dive into Maestro framework, making automated UI testing on mobile great again!

VALUE: 89€

  • 🌐 Access to network of Android dev professionals across the world (priceless)
  • 🚧 Dedicated channel to discuss your projects with mentors and community (priceless)
  • 🧠 Monthly live mastermind
  • 🎁 Intro to Kotlin unit testing in jUnit5 (course)
  • 🎁 ChatGPT for developers (ebook)
  • 🎁 Testing Masterclass with Kotest & MockK (workshop recording)
  • 🎁 Intro to UI Testing with Maestro (workshop recording)
  • And much more!

Start your first month for only 5€

Standard membership fee is 25€. Cancel, pause, ugprade anytime. Instant access to Discord channel and all materials.

The Android PRO Community is RIGHT for you if…

● You have at least 1 year of experience as an Android developer
● You’re ready to actively seek ways to develop your skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends
● You possess a passion for learning and a desire to be part of an active international community of Android programmers

The Android PRO Community may NOT be right for you if…

● You don’t yet have a minimum of 1 year of experience as an Android developer
● You don’t have the time to dedicate to the course and community interactions
● You’re not prepared to put in the work or expect instant wins without rolling up your sleeves

Don’t you think it’s time you gained confidence, advanced in your career, and became a recognized expert in the Android community?


I don’t want you to foot the bill unless Android Pro really is the missing link between you and master your skills in Android.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to put everything into action before making a final commitment. If you try and decide this Community is not right for you, just let me know and I’ll refund your investment.

FAQ, that is…
“How is this different from other communities?”
and other smart questions…

How is this different from other communities?

It’s not just a community. It’s an entire ecosystem built for your Android growth. With a global network of enthusiasts, monthly masterminds, courses, and more, it stands apart from fleeting Discord groups. Here, you’re not just another member. You’re part of an evolving hub where every question is valued and answered.

How much experience do I need to join Android Pro?

To truly make the most out of Android Pro, it’s recommended that you have at least one year of experience. Here’s the breakdown:

● For complete beginners who’ve never dabbled in coding: No. This isn’t the best fit.
● For those with some work experience, even if it’s minimal: Yes. This is for you.

Android Pro isn’t a starting point. It’s a booster. We don’t begin at square one. This is the ideal platform for those who have exhausted basic, free resources that offer simple, no real-life examples. In Android Pro, not only do you get advanced resources but also a community of individuals who’ve been where you are and have ventured beyond. They’re here to guide you,
pushing you further in your journey.

Will Android Pro help me get Google or Facebook jobs?

Absolutely! Android Pro is crafted to give you the skillset sought after by giants like Google and Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, landing a job there isn’t about genius-level intelligence but understanding how to navigate their interview process, perfecting your CV, and showcasing a standout portfolio – and with all this we’re ready to help you. Plus, with our
Remote Job Alerts, you’ll be the 8rst to hear about exciting Android remote job opportunities. Dream jobs aren’t out of reach. They just require the right preparation, and that’s where Android Pro steps in.

Is there a payment plan?

Yep! If the 150€ doesn’t fit into your budget this month, you can split it into monthly payments of 15€.

Can you remind me what I’m getting when I enroll TODAY?

Of course 🙂

When you enroll today you’ll get access to a FULL Android Po Community in which you have global network access, project discussion channel, remote jobs alerts and monthly live masterclass.

You’ll get access to my best-kept Android secrets and hands-on experience with real-world Android projects and elite developer insights.

All of this will give you the opportunity to interact with like-minded people, form valuable partnerships, trade feedback, and receive virtual high-8ves and encouragement every step of the way.

  • 🎁 Solid in Java crash (course) [value 33€]
  • 🎁 Intro to Kotlin unit testing in jUnit5 (course) [value 15€]
  • 🎁 ChatGPT for developers (ebook) [value 12€]
  • 🎁 Testing Masterclass with Kotest & MockK (workshop recording) [value 59€]
  • 🎁 Intro to UI Testing with Maestro (workshop recording) [value 89€]
  • 🌐 Access to network of Android dev professionals across the world (priceless)
  • 🚧 Dedicated channel to discuss your projects with mentors and community (priceless)
  • 🧠 Monthly live mastermind
  • 🎁 Intro to Kotlin unit testing in jUnit5 (course)
  • 🎁 ChatGPT for developers (ebook)
  • 🎁 Testing Masterclass with Kotest & MockK (workshop recording)
  • 🎁 Intro to UI Testing with Maestro (workshop recording)
  • And much more!

Start your first month for only 5€

Standard membership fee is 25€. Cancel, pause, ugprade anytime. Instant access to Discord channel and all materials.