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Technical interview is tough. But it doesn’t have to be.

Preparing for your Android developer interview, you face several challenges.

First, it’s tough to keep up with the latest in Android. The technology changes fast, and you need to know the newest tools and ways of doing things.

Then, understanding the more complicated parts of Android, beyond Activity lifecycle can be tricky.

You’ll also face software design questions, where you need to show how you’d plan and build Android apps.

It’s not just about coding; you also need to explain your work experience and skills in a clear way. Talking about your own Android projects and what you’ve learned from them is important, too.

During the interview, you might feel nervous, especially with surprise questions. Balancing your overall Android knowledge with deep understanding in certain areas is a big part of getting ready. 


Interview is not a fair game.

You need to present deep knowledge just to do simple stuff on the job.

And you’ll be never “ready” for an interview.

But you can be prepared.

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  • range of Android dev topics, from Coroutines, Compose to app architecture
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  • checklists and templates to streamline your job hunt journey
  • professional developer CV guide
  • real-life interview apps
  • portfolio project ideas
  • soft skills and mental game preparation guide

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About the author

Jarosław Michalik

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Kotlin with a passion for elevating the Android development community.

Working professionally as an Android dev since 2016, he dedicated himself to helping clients establish robust development processes, ensuring their projects not only launch but thrive in the competitive app market.