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Do you feel like you can excel as a mobile app developer and earn more?

Are you already working as a mobile app developer, but looking to transition to a better job and seeking developmental resources?

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👉 Unlock your potential in the context of a career change.

👉Gain a stable, well-paying job.

👉 Meet like-minded Android enthusiasts, mentors, and industry leaders!

Why become Android developer?

📱 Work flexibility

🚀 High Demand for skilled developers

💰 High Earning Potential

🎯 Freelance Opportunities

🧠 Development

💹 Market Demand

🤓 Exciting Challenges

😎 Employment Stability

Being a mobile app developer is like solving puzzles endlessly. Every app project contains stories to uncover and mysteries to solve.

For those who love to develop, delve into details, and uncover hidden patterns, this profession is perfect. It’s a satisfying feeling when a clear picture emerges from the app development process, and you’re the one who created it.

This is AndroidPro Academy

AndroidPro Academy is a comprehensive program where you’ll find everything you need to pursue your dream career.

The program is structured into a simple development path where month after month, you’ll progress towards becoming pro developer.

Training Webinars in Mobile App Development You’ll receive training on selected topics essential in mobile app development work.

➡️ Past Live Sessions

Expert Knowledge from specialists in the group The group already consists of over 10 experts from various fields, from recruitment, Excel, SQL, to Android specialists.

➡️ AndroidPro Experts

Co-Studying, meaning learning with a partner Feeling overwhelmed by the material alone? We’ll find you a study partner! FB Group A Facebook group exclusively for AndroidPro Academy members, where you can exchange experiences and get help.

Join our community and gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to succeed as a mobile app developer! Sign me up for 🦸 ANDROIDPRO ACADEMY

Is AndroidPro Academy for you?

join if…

✅ You’re a beginner in mobile app development who wants to advance your career.

✅ You want to change your career and start working as a mobile app developer.

✅ You feel great working remotely.

✅ You’re seeking a group of like-minded individuals to learn together.

✅ You lack help from someone who can organize your knowledge into a cohesive whole.


do not join if…

❌ You don’t believe you can become a great mobile app developer, and soon!

❌ You’re an experienced developer who wants to solidify your knowledge.

❌ You’ve been working in mobile app development for many years and want to broaden your horizons.

❌ You don’t believe you’ll ever make a career or grow in mobile app development.

❌ You don’t like people or working in a co-studying style.


For advanced developers we have series of laser-focused masterclasses [link]


Entering the world of mobile app development can be a great decision, considering the growing demand in this field and the satisfying work it offers. Developers have a direct impact on businesses, making our work invaluable.

However, just like with any new career, there are several typical pitfalls that aspiring mobile app developers should be aware of.

The solution to your problems is 🦸 AndroidPro Academy

How to become pro Android dev?

Trudności jakie możesz napotkać

When transitioning to a career in mobile app development, you often encounter challenges such as:

🤔 Lack of a clear, defined learning path.

This leads to wasting time searching for materials online and learning technologies that you don’t actually need to start with.

🤔 Attempting to learn everything at once.

You start learning Kotlin, Java and , R, and SQL simultaneously, without knowing why you need these technologies, creating confusion.

🤔 Overemphasis on theory over practical skills.

You find plenty of books and YouTube videos on theory, but you never sit down to practice and build your portfolio.


🤔 Neglecting soft skills.

You underestimate the importance of soft skills in this field. Underestimating networking.


🤔 Thinking you can handle everything yourself…

…without the help of experienced experts?

Beware, it’s a trap.

Get AndroidPro Academy certification

Earn a Certificate After 6 months in the 🦸 AndroidPro Academy community, you can receive a certificate that validates your development and acquisition of essential skills in the field of mobile app development.

Once you receive the certificate, you can share it on your social media, such as your LinkedIn profile.

Who’s behind the AndroidPro Academy?

Społeczny dowód słuszności

🦸 DATA HEROES to projekt łączący całą wiedzę ze szkoleń BI DEVELOPER
Użytkowników Data Heroes
Nagrań szkoleń na żywo
Materiałów edukacyjnych
Roadmapy, polecane szkolenia, darmowe materiały, nagrania, tutoriale i inne


AndroidPro Academy Roadmap

Analityk w 6 krokach-2-600px
Ważne informacje:
Każdy miesiąc ma swój określony temat i cel.
Aby dołączyć do programu, potrzebujesz jedynie pakiet Microsoft Office.
Na początku możesz wypełnić ankietę, dzięki której dostajesz partnera do nauki.
*Subskrypcja działa jak Netflix – automatycznie pobierana płatność po każdym miesiącu

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