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Stop complaining and get your next Android job.


There are not a lot of quality job offers in tech anymore.


Some say that golden age of mobile development is over.


But that’s not the reason not to pursue career in native Android development.


That’s exactly the reason to pursue it.

❌ There are no job ads for Android developers...

It might seem at times as if there are no job ads for Android developers.

This perception can be daunting, leaving even the most skilled developers questioning their next career move.

However, this scenario often masks a deeper reality in the tech industry…

Many of the best opportunities in tech, especially for roles like Android developers, are not always advertised through traditional job postings. Instead, these positions are filled through internal referrals, professional networks, or directly approached candidates. 

❌ I apply to job openings, but no one emails me back!

It’s a scenario many talented candidates face—you apply to job openings, tailoring your resume, crafting thoughtful cover letters, and hitting ‘submit’ with a mix of hope and anticipation. And then, silence. No emails, no calls, just a void that seems to swallow your efforts whole. This experience can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s also a common challenge that can be overcome with the right strategy and support.

  1. Volume of Applications: For every job posting, hiring managers receive hundreds of applications. Standing out in this sea of candidates requires more than just meeting the job requirements; it necessitates a presentation that grabs attention immediately.

  2. Automated Screening Systems: Many applications are filtered out by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) before they ever reach a human eye. If your resume isn’t optimized for these systems, you might be disqualified based on technicalities rather than merit.

  3. Network Over Resume: Often, jobs are secured through connections within the industry rather than cold applications. Without a strong professional network, your application might not get the consideration it deserves.

The silence following job applications doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. With the right approach and resources, it’s possible to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

❌ Recruiters don't contact me...

You wish recruiters would contact you directly? Achieving this requires more than just skill and experience. It demands a strategic approach to personal branding and network building that makes you not only visible but irresistible to recruiters.


If recruiters can’t find you, they can’t contact you. An underwhelming or outdated online presence on platforms like LinkedIn or GitHub can significantly reduce your visibility.


Recruiters look for candidates who clearly articulate their skills, achievements, and the value they bring to a potential employer. A generic profile does little to distinguish you from the masses.

❌ I went to an interview and i SUCKED

Why interviews go wrong?

  1. Lack of Preparation: Underestimating the importance of thorough preparation can leave you floundering when faced with unexpected questions or scenarios during the interview.

  2. Nervousness: It’s normal to feel nervous, but excessive anxiety can hinder your ability to communicate effectively, impacting your performance.

  3. Poor Fit: Sometimes, the issue isn’t your performance but rather a misalignment between your skills and the role or company culture.

  4. Feedback Void: Without constructive feedback, it’s challenging to pinpoint what went wrong and how to improve.

Perhaps you stumbled over your answers, couldn’t convey your thoughts clearly, or simply felt unprepared for the questions asked. Acknowledging that an interview went poorly can be tough, but it’s also a pivotal moment for growth and improvement.

❌ I am often ghosted by recruiters

Being ghosted by recruiters after what felt like a promising interaction is not only disheartening but can also leave you questioning your approach and the quality of your application. This experience is unfortunately common in the job search process, but understanding why it happens and how to minimize it can transform your job search strategy.


If your application doesn’t closely match the job requirements, recruiters may prioritize candidates who are a better fit and neglect to close the loop with those who aren’t.

It doesn’t have to be this way!


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Jarosław Michalik

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Working professionally as an Android dev since 2016, he dedicated himself to helping clients establish robust development processes, ensuring their projects not only launch but thrive in the competitive app market.