Android Architecture Secrets

Learn why clean architecture on Android is often misunderstood and what to do to keep you domain layer clean.

Hello! If you’re here, I can safely assume two things:

you are an Android developer

you care about software architecture

Recommendations found on official sites may be a mess. So, we I’ve put together a blueprint that can help you get familiar with idea of actual real-life CA implementation for Android apps.

I suggest using Clean Architecture as the central hub for all of your coding needs. It encourages separation of concerns by dividing your application into distinct layers.

Rules are meant to be broken… but to break rules you need to familiarize with them first 🙂

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Jarek Michalik

Chief AsyncTask Officer @ AndroidPro, Google Developer Expert in Kotlin

When I first started Android development, my projects were a bit all over the place, lacking the solid structure they needed. It was a time of ‘don’t touch that code’ approach, where tweaking one thing could mess up everything.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I dived into learning about software craftsmanship. Slowly but surely, things started to change. I began to understand the importance of well-structured, clean code and how it could make life so much easier.

In the projects that followed, I played around with different structures like MVVM and clean architecture, experimenting to find what worked best. It was a time of learning and discovery, figuring out how to make code that was solid and reliable.

I kept learning and getting better, moving from being a regular coder to a senior one, then to working for myself, and finally becoming a Google Developer Expert (GDE).

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80% off your first month

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30-days money back guarantee

standard membership fee is 25€. You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime.

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80% off your first month

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one time payment – access for 30 days

30-days money back guarantee