Analytics 101 for Android devs

Crash course for Android developers that not only teaches you how to plug in analytics SDK, but also:

πŸ‘‰ what to track
πŸ‘‰ how to structure events
πŸ‘‰ how to understand funnels
πŸ‘‰ how to monitor application performance (as a team or a solo dev)

This crash course will be useful both for devs working in teams and as a solo indie devs.

Course agenda

1. Intro (01:39)
2. Undestand analytics (14:21)
3. Firebase Configuration & Crash logging (8:39)
4. Non-fatals & Timber configuration (10:01)
5. Recap for Events & Funnels (02:26)
6. ScreenView events (implementation for Compose) (04:12)
7. Should you inject Analytics class or make it singleton? (01:24)
8. Coding custom events (08:29)
9. Weekly monitoring process (05:45)
10. Legal aspects of analytics (07:21)
11. Homework (02:44)

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Analytics 101

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About the author

JarosΕ‚aw Michalik

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Kotlin with a passion for elevating the Android development community.

Working professionally as an Android dev since 2016, he dedicated himself to helping clients establish robust development processes, ensuring their projects not only launch but thrive in the competitive app market.